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Timbe windows and doors can instantly transform a home. They reduce outside noise due to excellent insulation properties. Steel reinforced Timbe frames provide additional strength that allows large sizes and adequate sunlight.

They can be equipped with features to protect heavy rains from seeping indoors so they will be special monsoon proof. Reduce your energy bills as air conditioning becomes more proper by getting effective insulation . Many options of design and finish are available that can enhance the looks of your home - both from inside as well as outside.

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Timbe Industries Private Limited., provides you a brand new experience in the world of windows & doors. Windows are more than just a connector between the outside world and the interiors of your house.


They are easy to clean and operate with look like real wood

Good in blocking out the noise from outdoor and indoor noise that retains your privacy .

Highly advanced multipoint locking systems all around. Most durable of the materials available. It is strong, tough and resilient.

Likewise, they are known for weatherproof and rigid and easily cleaned with an occasional wipe-down.


Good quality and doors are tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure they won't fade.

It is equipped with two directional opening to uplift the unique ability of natural cross ventilation.

Assures you a high level of security for homes or businesses with multilocking systems

Well suited for both new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings as well as Customised for individual requirements.

Will enhance the value of your home. Efficient for many years.

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